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"It was SO AWKWARD!"

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Anonymous asked: Boyfriend was thrusting. I was about to cum and then " yes baby take my big hard peepee ". Dead. Lol

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Anonymous asked: Awkward Sex Stories, Y U NO UPDATE ANYMORE?!

I’m so sorry for this! I managed to become increasingly caught up in my own life, and ended up completely neglected the couple of tumblr’s that I do run.

However, I’m back now, so send in more of your sexy, hilarious, or downright awkward sex stories :D 

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So my boyfriend and I are having sex in his room. HE DOESN’T HAVE A DOOR. So he’s on top of my thrusting and thrusting and his mom walks in and is like “OH ! I brought you guys Chinese food, I’ll leave it here.” and casually walks out. You’d think he would of stopped while she was doing that. He didn’t and she didn’t walk right away when she saw him mounting me. :|

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Anonymous asked: once me and my boyfriend were going at it, and his older brother walked in the room, and just stood there really awkwardly. after he left, my and my boyfriend finished. but it is so hard to face his brother now haha

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Anonymous asked: so im a girl. and i always thought i might be bisexual. so me and this girl ive known for a long time started going at it (mind you i have a boyfriend at the time) and she was eating me out and like i was really enjoying myself. when she wanted me to go down on her it smelt really bad so i told her i was really tired and needed to go to sleep. the next day i noticed. SHE BRUISED MY CLIT! needless to say it was awkward explaining that one to my boyfriend. also. im not bi. >_<

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Super Awkward.

so. this guy and i we were hanging out and drinking a bit. he had much more than me. and we ended up having sex. and like close to when i could tell he was about to come i smelt.. piss.. like straight up it smelt like pee. he all of a sudden was like “uhh.uhm i gotta go.” threw his pants on and i havent seen him since.

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Anonymous asked: I was having sex with a guy who I had hooked up with before, and when we were finished he tried to eat me out again and my legs twitched and I kicked him in the stomach.

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thatawkwardmomenttt-deactivated asked: lol i don't need porn or none of that. i was on this blog hoping for funny stories, considering i myself run an awkward moment blog. i was just pointing out the fact that you're blog sucks. clearly you've hardly had any sexual experiences if you don't have any stories to post of your own. oh well.

wooow, are you seriously trying to judge me on the number of sexual experiences i’ve had? and you know exactly who every single one of those posts belongs to, yeah?
sorry sweetie, maybe you’ll have to go somewhere else to get off on the fact that everyone else is having sex and doing worthwhile things with their lives while you sit at home running a shitty blog 24/7.