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Yo, chill.
Ever tried running a blog where no one ever submits?
I think this is sufficient reason for everyone to submit more, since someone is clearly incredibly irate that their one source of sexual content isn’t flowing as freely as they’d like.
Porn, dear. Try googling some porn. 

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My boyfriend and I tried to have sex a few nights ago.
We were in my bedroom (My parents were away) and we did what we usually do… everything BUT sex. So he whips out his dick and we’re excited, (no condom, I’m on birth control) and then he jumps on top of me, and he can’t find the hole. And when he tried to put it in, it hurt and didnt feel good. so we stopped.
We ended up going out for chinese food. And not having sex.

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There was this one time, I was at a party. Some guy that I was talking to at the moment was there. I wasnt gonna drink so much cause Im not gonna lie, I do get a little wild. Well I ended up playing all these drinking games with my friends and BAM, I was drunk! Horribly drunk, actually. Well I later find out that me and that boy were getting a little touchy and I was sitting on his lap and what not. Did I mention that I was wearing a SHORT dress? Well turns out we ended up having sex in front of everyone that was there. When I was being told, I was a little embarrased and it seemed a little awkward, but I got over it.

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